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Install the app on your screen and manage content from your desktop or mobile
Forget USB drives!
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in Liqvid Live control panel
Connect the screen
Increase average spend of the customers
Entertain & sell
We have 2 offices: in Singapore and Eastern Europe.
The development team is based in Russia and the business unit in Singapore.
Liqvid is a developer of screen management software. We help both small businesses and professional owners of digital advertising surfaces manage on-screen broadcast.

Liqvid now helps to manage more than 1,200 screens worldwide
Upload your content or create new with no help from a designer
Upload any image or video type from your device
Make your own promos
Broadcast content
Instantly show it on the screen
Салоны красоты
Медицинские центры
Фитнес клубы
Кафе и рестораны
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