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How to use screens properly in cafes
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Café and restaurant owners install TVs or screens to showcase their menus, create a pleasant atmosphere, as well as to entertain diners. That said, while many cafés and restaurants are already equipped with TV screens, they face endless problems using them.
Here, we talk through some of the typical pains screen owners.
"I have three pizzerias around town and before the pandemic I bought seven TVs for them. I’ve been using flash drives to put menus and discounts on them which means asking on-site administrators to download clips from email and put them on a flash drive into the TVs. It’s wildly inconvenient and there are always problems! They download videos incorrectly, forget to insert the flash drive, or they have to send them to the office for new flash drives."
– Alex
The solution to the problem described above is the remote screen management system which allows you to control your TVs, even from your summer cottage or while on vacation.
Peter manages a chain of cafés in NY and has a few basic questions:
· “Where do I get content? It's all so confusing and complicated!”
· “What pictures can and can't be used? Where do I look for them?”
· “And how do I add more text to my pictures, what other software do I need?”
Any creative in 10 minutes.
And with no experience at all.
Now let’s talk about a solution which allows you to make any creative in 10 minutes and with no experience at all.

Here we go through just a few more problems that we frequently see from our partners and show you how Liqvid can solve them:
I'm not constantly in my venue so I’m not always directly in front of the screens with a laptop, I don’t have one!
You only need a mobile version to manage the screen, You don’t need a laptop to manage them :)
All these programs are so complicated, I tried them and just didn’t get them :(
We have a simple app for TVs/screens and guarantee you’ll figure out in 15 minutes without any experience!
I don't have any special equipment, and I have an old TV with no Smart TV option!
If you don't have Google Play on your TV , then any Smart TV console on Android will do (prices start from $35, we'll recommend one for you).
Many HORECA owners also use informational flyers in their venues. Experience and common sense suggest that it’s more effective to show this information on-screen, as dynamic content attracts and holds attention better. Plus, there’s no need to spend money on printing new copies every time the menu or promotions change.
Cafés and restaurants also often broadcast a variety of entertainment content to their visitors. The commercials are simply shown in the background and create a certain atmosphere. While this kind of content helps with customer retention, it doesn’t work as a sales-boosting tool.
So how can screens be used to better benefit your establishment? The right content at the right time.
"The right content
at the right time"
The biggest secret when it comes to increasing sales to current customers is the principle of "The right content at the right time." Timing your promotional videos and entertainment content correctly can increase sales of advertised services by up to 50%. Learn more.
So, you can tell your customers all about your new food, business lunches and happy hours, as well as keeping them informed about upcoming events, activities and promotions. You can even introduce your staff at the exact time your visitors need them.
To broadcast on screens in this way, a simple flash drive is not enough. You need digital signage software. And it’s obviously vital that this solution be simple, convenient, understandable and inexpensive. has long been engaged in solutions for content management on screens and works closely with cafés and restaurants. And now we’ve created a special solution – the Liqvid Live app for TVs and Smart TV consoles – which cures all the above-mentioned pains that owners and managers of bars, restaurants and cafes know too well.
The app has a bunch of useful features:
· A database of content for free use and an editor for creating your own creatives
· A handy mobile app
· Remote control of your monitors from anywhere in the world
· A built-in IPTV service that allows venues to broadcast common TV channels and interrupt them with their own commercials
· A reasonable price
Anyone can learn to use it in 15 minutes.
Liqvid Live is as easy to use as it gets. We guarantee anyone can get used to it in 15 minutes. If not, Liqvid will give you a gift :) And just in case, we have a very friendly support team of live people available on WhatsApp.
You need an Internet connection and a Smart TV on Android or another platform to play the content.
The subscription cost
is only US $4.89 per screen
per month
The subscription cost is only US$4.89 per screen per month, which is negligible compared to the features this app provides.
You can also purchase the Liqvid Box media player separately, with the Liqivd Live app already installed.
The Liqvid Live app can be downloaded from Google Play.
"We use part of our screens to show the menu, and we use the other two to show offers: our breakfasts as well as our partner cafés’. Our visitors now know that we are part of a larger network, which allows us to keep them within the same brand, building a favorable experience."


Marketing Director at Foodster


S2B Hookahs

"Not only do I now entertain my customers, but I also show them my new products based on the time of day."
Yegor Ivantsov,
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