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How to increase your gym’s
sales revenue
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Every sports club knows that the main source of revenue from regular visitors is selling additional services; the challenge is how to make it happen. As a rule, trainers are motivated to approach and get acquainted with those visitors and offer them personal training.
But how do you promote massage, spa or new programs?
Many clubs use SMS, push marketing and e-mail newsletters, but — while these are effective as a means of retaining and attracting new customers — they’re not as successful at driving spontaneous purchase from existing customers. A club member may forget what they read in a newsletter by the time they next visit the club.
Printing brochures and banners and placing them in the lobby often works well — your customer’s attention is grabbed by the creatives and they’ll stop by the sales manager or the front desk.
  • But what happens if the designer made a mistake in the design, or the offer expires and you need to replace it?
  • You have to contact the designer, then the printing company, and end up throwing out the old edition?
These days, many clubs are already equipped with TV screens that broadcast a variety of content to their visitors. Often this content is just entertainment, playing in the background and creating a certain atmosphere in the club. It certainly helps with customer retention, but it doesn’t work as a tool to increase your sales.
"The right content
at the right time"
"The right content at the right time" is the biggest secret when it comes to increasing sales. You can tell your customers about the trainers who are currently in the gym, as well as informing them about upcoming group classes so they won’t miss them.
We installed nine screens in our IceBox fitness club: in the gym, pool, lobby and locker rooms. It was so easy to start using Liqvid. Just as simple to connect as any other media player. We filled the broadcast with useful motivational content. We also prepared videos that explain the rules of visiting the club. But most importantly, we greatly increased enrollment in new classes and helped our trainers sell more personals. The main thing is that it did not require any special knowledge from my staff."
– George, CEO of IceBox Fitness
The right schedule can increase
sales of advertised services by 50%
You may also want to show some offers at the café at certain time or promote massage services after CrossFit class. To broadcast on screens in this way, a simple flash drive isn’t enough — you need a digital signage solution. This allows you to manage content remotely on all your screens and create a schedule. And the right schedule can increase sales of advertised services by 50%.
Fortunately, Liqvid. io has long been in the business of screen content management (or digital signage) solutions and we work closely with sports clubs
We’ve even put together examples of content that will work in your background, as well as prepared templates of advertising creatives. Our solution is as easy to use as possible and accessible to everyone. To play the content you need an Android Smart TV and an internet connection. If you don’t have this kind of set up, you can separately purchase a Liqvid Box media player with which you can manage your content.
The subscription cost is only US$ 4.89 (excl. VAT) per screen per month. Negligible, considering the features this player provides.
The Liqvid Live app can be downloaded from Google Play.
Yegor Ivantsov,
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