The first DooH SSP. Programmatic offline audience sales

We are a platform that helps advertisers reach their target audience using its offline behavior data.

What is Liqvid?
We are an offline SSP platform for selling digital screen ads. What does it mean? The platform allows you to simultaneously connect the largest Digital Sales Platforms (DSP) to your ad sales, conduct transactions through direct sales in Private Marketplace Platforms (PMP) and trade with media buyers and direct clients through our trading platform (Trading Desk) at the best price in the market.
How does it work?
We only sell the audience on the CPM basis - cost per 1,000 contacts
We don't sell Slots, Loops, and Blocks on air time. We sell the audience you need.
We only sell registered contacts with an ad message. We determine precisely that the person was within range of the ad message.
Liqvid allows you to place ads on digital displays. Purchase and inventory control is carried out through an online platform.
A new way to interact with your audience
Additional coverage to existing instruments
Online re-targeting for offline audiences
Quick launch and real-time inventory control
Liqvid allows you to combine your sales with your content and sales via SSP. In this way, we can sell what you could not sell on your own. You will be able to work with spots and loops on the broadcast in the usual form.
Ability to sell up to 100% of the air
Real monetization of the audience
Access to all advertising budgets
Network growth without distractions to sales
Why isn't it Indoor or Outdoor anymore?
What is the difference compared to the classic Indoor or Outdoor digital signage purchase model?
Payment is made only after the contact of the audience with the advertising campaign creatives. When there is no one in front of the displays, the advertising is simply not shown.
The Pricing
When paying for an audience, the cost of contact is more optimal than buying a share of the air.
The advertiser gets the right audience for the classical model of buying broadcast time but can optimize costs.
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