Our mission
Liqvid is a cloud-based platform built to manage your content on e-connected screens.

The platform allows to:
• Сonnect any number of Android*** screens to your network without additional hardware and manage it from your laptop or mobile web browser
• Create, upload, and mix your content in all major formats
• Stream content from YouTube or TV channels and alternate it with your promo videos in the desired schedule
• Inform and entertain your customers to improve their awareness, experience, loyalty resulting in your sales boost.

***non-Android screens to be connected via Android Smart TV Boxes

Unique simplicity of the user
Experience and suitability

For small and medium businesses
The key benefit of Liqvid is the unique simplicity of user experience and suitability for real business needs. The platform is the first product on the global market that replaces low-end flash drives and costly high-end software & hardware broadcasting.

In their work, the founders draw inspiration from the eternal myth of Prometheus. They take technology from big companies and democratize it into a simple solution for businesses to highlight their product and services promo from the paper age to the digital world.