Liqvid Player
Content management platform for digital screens at the top-grade level
Liqvid Player features
Liqvid Player provides simple content management on digital screens at the level of world analogues.
  • Digital screens management
  • Secure connection of devices to the server
  • Device logs view
  • Flexible settings for placing devices and displaying them on the map
  • Flexible grouping of devices into any logical sets using tags
  • View device status: online, offline, not available, etc
  • Device operation management: switch on and off on schedule
  • Remote device control: power on, mute, reboot, volume control
  • Search, filtering and group actions with devices
  • Frequency settings management: server requests, device screenshots collection, stats collection
  • Content management
  • and HTML content management
  • Stats collection in online mode
  • Playlist and content creation
  • DMP integration
  • Smart playlists with auto-forming of trade sessions
  • Grouping, sorting and filtering media
  • Media planning - content showcase on schedule
  • Impression stats
  • Full customisation of content
Why Liqvid Player?
  • All features for single price
    You get full-featured content management system at a global level (Broadsign, Ayuda) at affordable price
  • Free time monetisation
    Fill free air by selling online ads from Internet using organic network of Liqvid SSP, which allows a seamless combination of static and dynamic sales
  • Savings on infrastructure and support
    You get a complete SaaS solution for different platforms and our support at all stages of integration and operation.
Content management
Liqvid allows you to manage content, schedule broadcasts
and ad campaigns without any special software

1. Upload content

Fill the air with your background content and commercials
2. Plan air time

Specify the parameters of advertising campaigns In media planning mode
3. Set-up stop-lists for online traffic
Specify which advertising categories should not be shown on certain screens
4. Fill the air up to 100%
Liqvid advertising campaigns are automatically built into advertising-free slots
Manage digital screen media effortlessly and affordably with Liqvid
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