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Liqvid has all common enterprise features, it is cloud-based, secure and stable. You will get remote control over your screens, unlimited storage and the best value for money.

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Your Powerful Yet Painless Screen Management Solution
Experience Liqvid, where expertise is not required. In just 15 minutes, anyone can become a power user without hassle. Our user-friendly interface transforms complexity and power into a joyful screen management experience. Using Liqvid is as easy as setting up Netflix on your home TV.
Simplified operations are at your fingertips with Liqvid's intuitive dashboard. Effortlessly upload, edit, and schedule your digital content across various displays and locations. Transform your digital signage into a dynamic medium that engages your audience, all with just a few clicks. Managing multiple screens remotely has never been this easy and powerful.
Cloud based digital signage
Discover the ease of cloud-based digital signage. Our Software as a Service eliminates costly hardware and IT expertise. Premium plans offer unlimited media storage for convenient content access. Rest easy with our system that ensures seamless operation without your constant attention.
Take full remote control of your screens in multiple locations from anywhere
Simplify your operations with Liqvid. No need for flash drives or running around. Our user-friendly dashboard connects all your screens into a single network. Within just 10 minutes, you can link screens and effortlessly push content from a web panel, accessible on your laptop or mobile. Add or remove TVs easily and manage their content. Stay updated on device status. Control TVs across the world, in cities, and at various venues. Enjoy our easy, yet powerful solution for remote management, including content control, screen monitoring, and management of any number of vertical or horizontal TV screens from anywhere.
Utilize seamless compatibility with Android, Android TV, and Amazon Smart TVs
No extra hardware required; just install the Liqvid app from the on-screen Google or Amazon App Market. Liqvid is extremely friendly and tailored for use with Google Chromecast, Xiaomi, and Amazon Fire sticks.
Your Content, Your Way: Upload, Create, Stream, Share
Upload your own media
Broadcast your own content. Liqvid supports all modern image and video formats*. Upload your content from your smartphone or computer wherever you are in the world.
Pics, videos, docs, presentations, web-links and other.

Create your own screen content within minutes — no experience needed!
The world's most widely used content creation tools are already embedded in Liqvid.
Create, update, and broadcast information and entertainment. Build layouts/templates
Have no content? Craft via Liqvid dashboard within 5 minutes.
Stream content straight on TVs from connected platforms
Broadcast Excel spreadsheets, presentations, web-pages plus dozens of other streaming content sources.
Showcase background entertaining content like YouTubes, ipTV streams, sticky videos, next door business promotions, etc.
Effortlessly schedule screen content for specific times and locations
Create playlists and weekly schedules with user-friendly DRAG&DROP features and advanced planning, greatly easing daily operations and routine. Preview scheduled content for display clarity.
Experience Stability, Security, and Reliability for Your Peace of Mind
Rest easy knowing that your content is secure and your displays are reliable. No lags, no freezes, no crashes, it just works!  With Liqvid, you get enterprise-grade security helping you meet all of your compliance and legal obligations and unbeatable uptime. Our digital signage content management system is built so solid and safe that you can scale fast while meeting compliance requirements.
Try our free introductory plan to explore the platform with unlimited connected screens and no usage expiry dates.
Take your time
It is ideal for businesses evaluating our platform. Liqvid's free plan offers premium features, unlimited screens, and no usage expiry deadline.

Why choose Liqvid

Worldwide Responsive Customer Support by Real People, Instant Assistance Available
Operates in 170 countries, multilingual
Unparalleled Data Security
Seamlessly Scalable: Easily Deploy 10 to 10,000s of Devices
Seamless signage mobile control with Liqvid's pocket-sized web-panel
Access to Premium Widgets for Audience Engagement: Entertainment, Information, Sales
16 unique high-demand features
App Auto start and restart for uninterrupted service
Auto updates for latest features
Large files compatibility
Works perfect for screens in
Fitness Clubs
Screens can be used to display workout routines, class schedules, and motivational messages to keep members engaged and informed.
Cafes and Restaurants
Screens can be used to display menus, promotions, and entertainment to enhance the dining experience for customers.
Shops, Retail outlets, Schools and Universities
Screens are useful for shops and retail outlets to display promotions and product information, for schools to provide educational content and announcements, and for universities to showcase events and campus information, enhancing the overall experience for customers, students, and visitors.
Hotels, SPAs, Medical Clinics and Beauty Salons
Screens are valuable tools for hotels, SPAs, medical clinics, and beauty salons to display services, promotions, and important information, enhancing the overall experience for their guests and clients.
Cases by Industries
Boost motivation and membership with interactive workout boards, class schedules, and real-time performance stats
Enhance the coffee shop experience with curated playlists, promotional offers, and menu boards that update in real-time
Beauty Salons
Showcase your beauty treatments, happy customers, and instant promotions on sleek and modern displays
Use content widgets to entertain, inform and sell to your audience
Taggbox — platform for screens in the gym your receptionist can manage!
Fitness Next Classes
Fitness Daily
Fitness Weekly
Say goodbye to outdated communication methods and hello to a better gym experience for your customers!
Unbeatable Prices in Your Area!
If you find a more affordable option, please let us know, and we'll match it. We offer flexible payments based on the number of screens connected.
Liqvid Free
Ideal for businesses evaluating our platform. Liqvid's free plan offers premium features, unlimited screens, and no usage expiry, with a small Liqvid watermark and storage limitations.
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Use limitlessly. No expiration.
Liqvid Premium
For businesses willing to pay for 100% of the modern features and functionality, along with unlimited media storage and support for large files, without any Liqvid ads or watermarks.
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Liqvid Enterprise
Includes unlimited access to all premium features, plus human-driven unlimited technical and customer support. Ideal for large organizations with 500+ screens.
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How to get started
Display content in 3 simple steps with our cloud digital signage solution.
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Common Questions
Is there a trial period, and can I cancel anytime?
At Liqvid, we offer an everlasting free plan that allows you to experience our services without any time constraints. Want to dive deeper? Try our premium features with peace of mind — we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.
What devices are compatible with Liqvid?
Liqvid is optimized to work smoothly with Android, Android TV and Amazon Fire devices. As for managing your content, our web control panel is accessible through any web browser to use on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.
What if my TV is not compatible?
Don't worry! If your TV isn't compatible, book a demo to better understand all the technical details. In 99% of cases, simply connect the tiny smart TV box to your screen using an HDMI cable, and you'll be able to access all of Liqvid's features on virtually any display.
What kind of customer support does Liqvid offer?
We are committed to providing you with ongoing support for both software and hardware issues. Whether you need advice on content management, assistance with device connectivity, or help with instructional guides, our team is available to assist you at any time via email and text support lines (24/7).
Can I control multiple screens from a single device?
Absolutely, Liqvid allows you to manage multiple screens from a single mobile device or desktop. You can assign different content to individual screens or groups of screens, giving you maximum flexibility in how you display your content.
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Seamlessly integrate and manage all your digital displays with one intuitive platform. Choose Liqvid to elevate your business, improve your customer interactions, and achieve remarkable growth.
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