Liqvid Audience
Technology for online audience analysis in digital signage
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Audience analysis online
Each audience segment will get its unique creative in real-time based on such characteristics:
Device type
Time of day
Liqvid Audience Solutions
Liqvid offers a solution for screen audience fixing, marking and verification
Traditional advertising sales
Advertising schedule based on the traditional sales model by time.
Tracker and audience fixation
Thanks to the connected equipment Liqvid receives data from audience in front of the screens.
Audience enrichment in DMP
All received data is transferred to external platforms for reconciliation and enrichment with interests and demographics.
External verification
All displays and contacts are verified using a third-party Weborama pixel.
Dynamic Content Optimisation
Liqvid allows to display different content within one advertising campaign depending on which segment the representative of the audience belongs to.
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