Liqvid Supply Side Platforms
A system that provides interaction between screen owners and advertisers
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Liqvid SSP technology
Liqvid SSP simplifies the process of selling the audience to all market participants by fully automating the process.
Connection of the largest advertising purchase systems
Conducting transactions through direct sales in Private Marketplace
Trading desks
Trading with Media buyers and direct clients through any trading platform
Liqvid directly communicates with the leading DSP platforms
Liqvid Technologies
Special algorithms automatically select the desired display for advertising display
Liqvid enriches audience data by using external data sources (DMP)
How does it work?
The decision to display ads is made automatically online and takes less than 1 second
Audience Analysis
Liqvid analyzes traffic and audience in front of screens using WiFi radars
Liqvid SSP turns your screens into digital platforms and sells ads with CPM pricing
Airtime optimisation
Liqvid Platform algorithms automatically place advertisements on the screens and fill the airtime evenly
Airtime filling frinciples
Liqvid does not disrupt your airwaves and places ads in blank slots
Increase occupancy rates with Liqvid
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