A powerful advertising screen management tool at reasonable prices!

A professional screen management system for digital surface owners
convenient, simple, modern with an easy installation
full functionality at the level of the world's leading systems
more than 15 built-in partners to increase revenue
digital signage, управление экранами, реклама на экранах
Our partners
Liqvid Products
By combining technologies and principles of online advertising sales
we have created unique products for working with Digital Signage

For who?
Liqvid offers a complete solution for professional Indoor and Outdoor screen owners
  • wall screens
  • pylons
  • tablets
  • payment terminals
  • small format
  • billboards
  • bulletins
  • media panels
Why Liqvid?
Liqvid products will help you to save time and resources.
Saving on IT infrastructure
Thanks to Liqvid cloud solution, you won't  waste resources on IT-infrastructure and software
Modern functionality
We have created a functionality to manage screens, content and advertising campaigns at the level of global solutions on affordable terms
Compatible with any platform
Liqvid easily connects and works on most modern platforms: Windows, Linux, Android, LG WebOs
Taking care of you and your screens
We guarantee protection from hacking up to $20,000. All your data is stored in a secure cloud service. Support with different SLA levels.
Want to sign up to Liqvid?
Leave a request and our specialist will contact you within 2 hours.
300 ms
less than half a second is needed to output a targeted commercial
10 +
sources of additional monetisation connected to the platform
from $11.90
subscription per month for screen
What can AdPro do?
With Liqvid technologies everything is possible
trading desk
Use Liqvid to sell targeted advertising campaigns on CPM model. More flexibility in selling your screens.
Learn more
Additional monetisation with Liqvid SSP
Sell ads by contacts  automatically using connected DSP  and get additional income
Learn more
Multiple integrations
Expanding opportunities for screen owners by integrations with platforms. Learn more
RealTime audience management
Wide range of opportunities for audience analysis and targeting: interests, visited places, social and demographic characteristics. Learn more
How to join Liqvid?
Singing up to Liqvid is as simple as 1-2-3. Our specialists control each stage and solve all arising questions.
Your current system audit
We will analyze your screen and content management systems and offer the best option for transition to Liqvid.
Setting up the equipment
We configure the equipment, set up a secure connection of your screens to Liqvid, perform closed and field testing.
Employee training

We offer a full training course in person or online. Training materials are also available at our Support Center.
Network Management

Now you manage your own screen network and can conduct advertising campaigns with the advanced tools and functionality of the Liqvid platform.
Subscription fee
Depends on the equipment you have at your disposal.
It will always be the same
Already use Liqvid AdPro
1200+ screens are powered by Liqvid AdPro
Increase occupancy of your screens with Liqvid
Fill in your contact details and we will contact
you within 2 hours.
Increase occupancy of your screens with Liqvid
Fill in your contact details and we will contact you within 2 hours.
Increase occupancy
of your screens
with Liqvid
Fill in your contact details and we will contact you within 2 hours.
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