Welcome to Liqvid clients referral program!
You use Liqvid platform and know someone who would benefit from our services?
The cafe on your street corner still uses USB sticks to broadcast menus and specials of the day on their TVs?
Your neighbourhood fitness club struggles with their screens seeking to entertain and inform visitors?
Liqvid works on
Refer a friend to any of liqvid paid plans!
You will get 2 months free
Your friend will also get 1 month plus on the purchased plan
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Complete the referral form
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Tell us who you're referring
Get your perks!
  1. Your referral signs up for Liqvid paid plan
  2. We match his email with the one you provided
  3. You receive 2 months of Premium Liqvid plan for any amount of screens. Obviously you have to be using Liqvid paid plan as well. We automatically upgrade your Liqvid account with 2 extra months
Talk to manager
Can I refer anyone?
As long as you're a Liqvid client, you can refer anyone who needs a helping hand with their digital screens.
Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?
No! The more people who sign up, the more you're rewarded.
What information do I need to provide?
Just share the name and contact details of your referral, along with your own email address so we can keep you informed.
Does the business I refer get rewarded?
Yes! Every referral who signs up for a paid plan gets 1 free month added to their plan.
When will I receive my reward?
Once your referral has paid for his plan and we received the money.
Referral program Terms And Conditions
  • Any Liqvid client can refer.
  • ONE extra month for the referee to be used with his paid Liqvid plan.
  • The referrer gets TWO months added to their paid Liqvid plan after the new client's plan is paid for in full.