Incident Response Policy and Training Program
Last updated: 01 December 2022
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1. Liqvid PTE. LTD recognizes the importance of promptly identifying, assessing, and responding to information security incidents to minimize damage and ensure business continuity. The purpose of this Incident Response Policy is to provide guidelines to effectively respond to information security incidents and reduce the impact on the organization's operations, reputation, and assets. This policy applies to all employees, contractors, vendors, and third-party entities with access to Liqvid PTE. LTD's information systems, networks, and data.
Incident Response Team
2. The Incident Response Team (IRT) is responsible for responding to information security incidents. The IRT comprises representatives from different functional areas, including IT, legal, human resources, and public relations. The IRT members are responsible for executing incident response procedures, coordinating response efforts, documenting incidents, and reporting to management. The IRT's composition may vary depending on the incident type, severity, and scope. 
Incident Response Process 
3. The Incident Response Process consists of the following stages: 
3.1. Identification and Reporting
All employees, contractors, vendors, and third-party entities with access to Liqvid PTE. LTD's information systems, networks, and data are responsible for reporting any suspected or confirmed information security incidents to the IRT immediately. The reporting channels include the Incident Response Hotline, email, or in-person notification. 
3.2 Triage and Assessment 
The IRT members will promptly triage and assess the reported incident's severity, impact, and scope. The IRT will classify the incident based on predefined criteria, such as the risk level, data sensitivity, regulatory requirements, and business continuity impact. 
3.3 Containment and Mitigation 
The IRT will take immediate actions to contain the incident and prevent further damage. The IRT will also implement mitigation measures to reduce the incident's impact on the organization's operations, assets, and reputation. 
3.4 Investigation and Analysis
The IRT will perform a thorough investigation and analysis of the incident to determine the root cause, the affected systems and data, and the extent of the compromise. The IRT will also collect and preserve evidence to support further analysis and reporting.
3.5 Remediation and Recovery 
The IRT will implement remediation measures to eliminate the incident's root cause and prevent similar incidents from occurring. The IRT will also initiate the recovery process to restore the affected systems and data to their normal state.
3.6 Reporting and Documentation
The IRT will document all aspects of the incident response process, including the incident description, classification, triage, assessment, containment, mitigation, investigation, analysis, remediation, and recovery. The IRT will also report the incident to the appropriate authorities, such as regulatory agencies, law enforcement, or third-party entities, as required by law or contract.
Incident Response Training 
4. Liqvid PTE. LTD will provide incident response training to all employees, contractors, vendors, and third-party entities with access to its information systems, networks, and data. The training will cover the incident response process, reporting channels, roles and responsibilities, communication protocols, documentation requirements, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The training will also include periodic drills and exercises to test the effectiveness of the incident response plan and improve the IRT's response capabilities. 
5. Liqvid PTE. LTD is committed to maintaining a robust incident response capability to protect its operations, assets, and reputation from information security incidents. The Incident Response Policy and Training Program will ensure that the organization can promptly and effectively respond to incidents and minimize their impact on the organization. 
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