Welcome to the Liqvid Family!
Guide to Getting Started
We are thrilled to have you with us. Setting up your business TV is only a few steps and less than fifteen minutes away!
You received your TV.
There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence.
The TV is out of the box.
First things first:
Prepare an area where you want to install the TVs
  • Location, location, location
  • The area should be facing your customers where they are most likely to congregate and have a completely unobstructed view
Things to consider when selecting the exact location:
  • From time to time, your TV will need to connect to Wifi to update your content
  • A power source must be relatively close to the TV. Any excess cords are a hazard and lessen the appeal of your message.
  • Could the area use a cleaning/fresh coat of paint? Lets do that PRIOR to installation!
Please contact us on go@liqvid.io or send us a text message if you require assistance connecting your TV to the internet
It is extremely important to provide a safe environment for the TVs from the outset
Our rental terms and conditions have some mandatory requirements including (but not limited to):
  • TVs are meant for horizontal mode. Any other positioning is neither allowed nor optimal for your clients/the device
  • Be conscious of the proximity to extreme temperatures or blocking an airflow path that the TVs need to cool itself.
  • Do not use boxes or casings for the TV.
  • The TVs are meant for the address stated in your rental contract and cannot be moved from that location. If a relocation is necessary, please contact us at go@liqvid.io or by text to update the contract
Violation of the above rules may result in the cancellation of the factory warranty and the malfunction of the device. You will be required to compensate for the damage to the TV and / or losses associated with its repair and transportation.
Please take care of our TVs and they will serve you at their best!
No vertical use
No casings
No heating devices
Indoor use only
Turning Your TV on for the first time
Find the Liqvid App in the Google Play Store on your Android TV
When you have installed the Liqvid App, please open it and watch the animated introduction slides. Upon completion, you will find yourself at the main screen where, with your remote, you will be able to explore many different examples for your content. Simply click the ones you like!
It will be easier to control your content from either a mobile device or a desktop. Find the pairing code (for desktop) or qr code (for mobile devices)
Scan the QR code with your mobile device and follow the instructions.
Open Liqvid dashboard on your desktop and follow the instructions.
Sign up using your Google, Facebook or personal email account
Open the Screens section and choose add TV
Enter the pairing code
Here we go!
Now you are ready to add your content!
Drag Input, Textarea, Checkbox or Radio component here
Drag Input, Textarea, Checkbox or Radio component here